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Billion 5 Sprouted Brown Rice Tea Powder Form 30g (10 Boxes Per Carton)

Billion 5

Sprouted Brown Rice Tea contains over 30 kinds of vitamins and minerals. It gets rid of harmful substances and fats in the body while increasing digestion, lowering blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Our brown rice tea was organically grown. It is soaked in warm water and given a special heat process before sprout as the dormant seed can germinate. This process gives it more enzymes compared to other ordinary brown rice tea. It is extracted from the essence of choice brown rice of super quality, guaranteed 100% pure and natural.


: RM198.00
Margin: 9 %

Billion 5 Sprouted Brown Rice Tea Powder Form Details:

is a powder liquid soup that tastes the roasted smell of rice tea. Stir it with boiled water for instant consumption. It helps blood circulation, cleans the food, dissolves cholesterol, prevents hypertension and stroke. With good circulation, good oxygen can get to cells, thereby increasing the health of organs which in turn enhances our immune system. It enhances the urinating function of the body, thereby ridding the body of harmful substances and nutrients over dosage. It contains high fiber, to help clean up the colon, preventing colon cancer, colitis cancer, and anus cancer.

Nutritional Information

per serving
Saturated Fats0g
Trans Fats0g

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