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Dumex Dugro 3 Regular 1 – 3 years 850g (12 Packs Per Carton)


Dumex® brings you heart-healthy nutrition that’s new and improved. Dumex® Dugro® Step 3 was developed in collaboration with the Dumex® Sciences Institute specifically for Singaporean youngsters, based on Singapore’s Recommended Dietary Allowances. Sucrose-free Dumex® Dugro® Step 3 is a Healthier Choice growing up milk that offers 360° NutritionTM, a system of key nutrients that promote your child’s overall growth and development.


: RM324.00
Margin: 4 %

Dumex Dugro Nutritional Information:

Analisis PurataSetiap 100g TepungSetiap Hidangan (215ml)
Tenaga (kcal)427154
Tenaga (kj)1800648
Lemak (g)11.24.0
Asid Lemak Monotaktepu (g)4.01.4
Asid Lemak Politaktepu (g)2.50.9
DHA (Asid Dokosaheksanoik) (mg)51.218.4
Asid Alfa-Linolenik (Omega-3) (mg)24086
Asid Linoleik (omega-6) (mg)2195790
Asid lemak Tepu (g)4.61.7
Asid Lemak Trans (g)0.10.04
Protein (g)11.44.1
Karbohidrat (g)69.625.1
SA (Asid Sialik) (mg)8531
Serat Diet (lcFOS)** (g)1.00.4
Vitamin A (I.U) / µg1080/324389/117
Vitamin Dᵌ (I.U) / µg200 / 5.072/1.8
Vitamin E (I.U) / mg9.2 / 6.13.3 / 2.2
Vitamin K1(µg)196.8
Vitamin B1 (µg)455164
Vitamin B2 (µg)500180
Niasin (mg)5.01.8
Vitamin B5 (µg)395142
Asid Folik (µg)13047
Asid Pantotenik (mg)1.50.5
Biotin (µg)9.83.5
Vitamin B12 (µg)0.80.3
Vitamin C (mg)4014
Kalsium (mg)630227
Magnesium (mg)6022
Zat Besi (mg)5.62.0
Zink (mg)4.11.5
Iodin (µg)10538
Selenium (µg)124.3
Taurina (mg)5520

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