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FG Collagen Bird’s Nest Red Dates + Wolfberry 250ml (24 Bottles Per Carton)

FG Collagen

FG Collagen Bird’s Nest Drinks Red Dates with Wolfberry is a healthy drink that can be consumed regularly at any time. We use 100% genuine bird’s nest mixed with aloe vera and rock sugar and for an explosive experience of flavor and natural goodness. Quench your thirst and refresh your body the natural way.


: RM388.80
Margin: 10 %

FG Collagen Bird’s Nest Red Dates + Wolfberry Details:

Has many benefits, such as eye health boosters that improve vision radiant skin, and healthy complexion. Hydrates the body and reduces body heat by introducing a gentle cooling effect. Added anti-oxidants that improve overall body conditions. Recommend to consume one bottle daily at any time. Keep in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight. Suitable for all age group, male and female.


Bird’s nest, pure water, sea bird’s nest, goji berry, red dates, collagen, rock sugar

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