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King Cup Sardines Tomato 425g (48 Cans Per Carton)

Kings Cup

King Cup Sardines Tomato is ready in a short minute by heating it then it’s ready to eat. Contain 5 ingredients inside. It is delicious and perfect for any recipe. Make a fantastic topping for any bread or biscuits using tomato puree, red chili powder and salt. There are no preservatives in this product.


: RM475.20
Margin: 19 %

King Cup Sardin is a canned food with sardine in tomato sauces. Sardine provides us with lots of nutrients. When you are lazy cooking, take this with heating it then it is ready to eat.

King Cup Sardines Tomato Ingredients

Sardines, Tomato Sauce, Salt, Refined Palm Olein, Permitted Food Conditioner (CMC)

King Cup Sardines Tomato Nutritional Information

Serving per can: 6

Serving size: 70g

Per Serving(70g)per/ 100g
Energy64 kcal92 kcal
Total fat2.7g3.8
Omega 30.1g0.2g

*No perservatives

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