LS Pepper-Black Pepper Whole 200gm (12 Packs Per Carton)

LS Pepper

If you are looking for that freshly ground flavour, there is no other option than to use whole black pepper – simply place it in a pepper mill and grind as much or as little as you need at the moment. LS Pepper-Black Pepper Whole can be used to season a variety of dishes including classics like pepper steak or simply as a seasoning for grilled meats. You may even want to keep a peppermill full of Whole Black Pepper on your table so you can enjoy freshly ground pepper with all of your meals.


: RM174.00
Margin: 14 %

LS Pepper-Black Pepper Whole is an excellent seasoning. It’s delectable and contributes to the taste and spiciness of anything it’s sprinkled over. This versatile spice may be used in almost any dish, from hot to savory! Pepper, being the “King of Spices,” is invariably popular as an ingredient in sauces, seasonings and condiments. Black Pepper is one of the widely traded spices in the world ever since ancient times.


Black pepper

Weight2.5 kg
Dimensions29 × 19 × 12 cm

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