LS Pepper-White Pepper Whole 200gm (12 Packs Per Carton)

LS Pepper

LS Pepper-White Pepper Whole is 100% without mix with other ingredient. White Peppercorns are regarded by many parts of the world as the finest flavored, most preferred pepper. White peppercorns start out the same as black peppercorns, but then are allowed to ripen more fully on the vine, to produce a very large berry with a looser outer shell. Many Asian dishes rely heavily on the flavor of white pepper, and it is preferred for cooking the foods of Southeast Asia, and Southern and Eastern Europe.


: RM216.00
Margin: 14 %

LS Pepper-White Pepper Whole is a white pepper flavor seasoning for cooking dishes. White pepper helps prevent cancer, improve low appetite, prevent respiratory disorders, reduces blood pressure, increase stamina, cures impotency in male, prevents inflammation, prevents headaches, improves brain functions and prevents wrinkles.


White pepper

Weight2.5 kg
Dimensions29 × 19 × 12 cm

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