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F&N Rut B 2L (6 Units Per Carton)


F&N Rut B is a famous beverage which always drinking at parties, movie nights or picnics. A big volume is enough for your whole family or friends to drink it together. By adding water into it and it’s ready to drink.


: RM75.60
Margin: 21 %

F&N Rut B Details:

F&N Rut B Cordial Drink is most Malaysian citizens favored beverage. It is easy to use, it just needs to add some water and ice cubes, and it is ready to be served! Great for gatherings, parties and dinners. It is delicious and is uniquely blended with natural coloring and without preservatives. You can share the enjoyment of the irresistible taste and flavors of F&N Cordial with family and friends through a simple mix of cordial and water.


Sugar, contain coloring, flavors, preservatives (containing sulfur dioxide and acid regulator (E330) as permitted food conditioners. Food additives are from plant and synthetic sources.

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