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F&N Sweetened Creamer Vitaminised 500g (48 Tins Per Carton)

Since 1883, F&N has been a consumer’s choice, always bringing you the special flavorful moment with a wide range of high-quality and tasty items. Vitaminized sweetened creamer contains no cholesterol or trans fats and is high in vitamins A, B1, B6, C, D3, and E. It is ideal for adding rich and luscious creaminess to your beverage or dessert, and it comes with an easy-open top for your convenience.

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RM148.80/ carton

: RM163.20
Margin: 9 %

MOQ: 1 Carton

F&N Sweetened Creamer Vitaminised is a milk drink creamer. It is ideal for beverage and dessert creation.



Sugar Milk Solids Refined Palm Oil Calcium Vitamins (A, B1, D3) Contains Stabilizer as Permitted Food Conditioner



Each serving: 20g/ Number of servings: 25

Efficacy, per 100g, per serving 20g

-monounsaturated fat acid4.1g0.8g
-polysaturated fatty acids1.0g0.2g
-saturated fatty acids5.1g1.0g
-trans fatty acids0g0g
Vitamin A201 μg40 μg
Vitamin B10.82mg0.2mg
Vitamin B60.56mg0.1mg
Vitamin C8.0mg1.6mg
Vitamin D32.8 μg0.6 μg
Vitamin E5.6mg1.1mg

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