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Huggies Dry Pants Regular 10’s (XL) 576gm (12 Units Per Carton)


The moment you hug your baby in your arms for the first time and call yourself mum, an awareness floods over you that life will never be the same again. At Huggies®, we understand there is nothing more powerful than that moment, that hug, and every moment that follows. That’s why we designed our diapers to be as comfortable as your hug, so your little one can feel comfortable and protected at all times.



: RM139.68
Margin: 11 %

Huggies Dry Pants Regular Details:


  • Rapid Absorb system
  • Leak Guard
  • 5-Way Comfort Fit
  • Absorbs Up to 10 Hours
  • 100% Breathable


Pulp, super absorbent polymer, elastic non-woven size materials, polyethylene non-woven back sheet, non-woven top sheet, synthetic elastic material, hot melt adhesive for construction, scent.

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