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Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise 3 Litre (4 Units Per Carton)

Lady's Choice

Lady’s Choice Real is your go-to mayonnaise for a deliciously balanced flavour with the right creamy texture and consistency. It’s made with real highly processed eggs, vinegar, and soybean oil and is ideal for a variety of applications including a base for elaborated cold sauces, salad dressings, sandwich spreads, and dips. Lady’s Choice Real is the better option for your recipes!


: RM183.46
Margin: 17 %

Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise Details:


  • Easily mixes with other ingredients thanks to its creamy, glossy, and thick texture
  • Makes a perfectly balanced taste because it’s made with real eggs and oil, as well as spices.
  • With its variety of uses, this condiment can be used in everything from dipping sauce to a sandwich spread.


Soybean Oil, Eggs, Sugar, Vinegar, Lodized Salt, Permitted Acidity Regular, Permitted Edible Gum, Permitted Preservative, Permitted Flavouring (Contains Mustard), Permitted Calcium Disodium EDTA.
All Food Additives are of Plant and Synthetic Origin.

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