Mamee Instant Noodle Duck 5’s 81g (8 Packets)


Within a packet of the Duck flavour instant noodles are separate sachets of the usual powder for the soup and sesame oil with fine onion. These have enhanced the fragrance of the soup, giving it a slightly pepper hot and rich duck flavour. Similar to other MAMEE products, the instant noodles remained firm and bouncy even if you dipped slightly longer in the hot water.


: RM34.17
Margin: 17 %


Noodle Ingredients: Wheat Flour (Contains Gluten), Vegetable Oil (Palm Oil), Salt, Contain Stabilizers (E452, E501) as Permitted Food Conditioner.

Soup Base: Salt, Contains Monosodium Glutamate (E621), Disodium 5′ – Guanylate (E627), Disodium 5′ – Inosinate (E631) and Yeast Extract as permitted Flavour Enhancers, Spices, Sugar, Contains Permitted Flavoring Substances (Contains Soybeans), Tapioca Starch, Maltodextrin. Contains Permitted food Additives of Plant and Synthetic origin.

May Contain Traces: Peanuts, Sesame, Celery, Mustard.

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