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Mamee Monster Thin Thin Potato Crisps Crackers – BBQ 100g (14 Units Per Carton)


Mamee Monster Thin Thin Potato Crisps Crackers BBQ Flavour is a potato snack that tastes like a cracker and is delicious. Mamee Monster Thin Thin Potato Crisps Cracker provides you with a satisfying snack. Home and Office delivery are available.


: RM52.57
Margin: 17 %

Malaysia’s Mamee-Double Decker has launched Mamee Monster Thin Thin Potato Crisps Crackers in canister format. This so-called ‘Bisnack’ is thinner, crunchier and is oven-baked to deliver 31% less fat. The existing Mamee Monster Thin Thin range comes in a pack.

This ‘bisnack’ is a good example of how a cracker can blur the line with potato chips. Making it into a canister format means this ‘bisnack’ is competing against other potato chips in a canister with an upper hand in health and texture. Selling in a canister with a tray also makes the eating experience more convenient and less messy.

Mamee Monster Thin Thin Potato Crisps Crackers Ingredients:

Wheat Flour, Vegetable oil, sugar, BBQ seasoning, potato flake, corn starch, glucose syrup, whey powder, leavening agent, soy sauce powder, contain Beta-carotene as a permitted food coloring.

Nutrition Facts:

Per Serving / Per Setiap HidanganPer/Setiap 100g
Energy / Tenaga143 kcal509 kcal
599 kJ2139 kJ
Total Fat / Lemak7.3g26.2 g
Monounsaturated Fatty Acid / Asid Lemak Monotidaktepu2.5 g8.9g
Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid / Asid Lemak Politidaktepu0.290.6 g
Saturated Fatty Acid / Asid Lemak Tepu5.0g17.7g
Trans Fatty Acid / Asid Trans Lemak0g0g
Carbohydrate / Karbohidrat17.9g63.9 g
Dietary Fiber / Serat Diet1.0g3.7g
Total Sugars / Jumlah Gula1.3g4.6g
Cholesterol / Kolesterol0 mgOmg
Sodium / Natrium175 mg624 mg
Potassium / Potasium45 mg161 mg


Weight1.4 kg
Dimensions37.1 × 20.7 × 22.3 cm

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