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Mamee Monster Thin Thin Potato Crisps Crackers – BBQ 100gm (14 Units Per Carton)


Mamee Monster Thin Thin Potato Crisps Cracker BBQ Flavour is a potato snack that tastes like a cracker and is delicious. Mamee Monster Thin Thin Potato Crisps Cracker provides you with a satisfying snack. Home and Office delivery are available.

MOQ: 1 Carton

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RM41.72/ carton

: RM49.00
Margin: 15 %

Malaysia’s Mamee-Double Decker has launched Mamee Monster Thin Thin Potato Crisps Crackers in canister format. This so-called ‘Bisnack’ is thinner, crunchier and is oven-baked to deliver 31% less fat. The existing Mamee Monster Thin Thin range comes in a pack.


This ‘bisnack’ is a good example of how a cracker can blur the line with potato chips. Making it into a canister format means this ‘bisnack’ is competing against other potato chips in a canister with an upper hand in health and texture. Selling in a canister with a tray also makes the eating experience more convenient and less messy.



Wheat Flour, Vegetable oil, sugar, BBQ seasoning, potato flake, corn starch, glucose syrup, whey powder, leavening agent, soy sauce powder, contain Beta-carotene as a permitted food coloring.



Per Serving / Per Setiap HidanganPer/Setiap 100g
Energy / Tenaga143 kcal509 kcal
599 kJ2139 kJ
Total Fat / Lemak7.3g26.2 g
Monounsaturated Fatty Acid / Asid Lemak Monotidaktepu2.5 g8.9g
Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid / Asid Lemak Politidaktepu0.290.6 g
Saturated Fatty Acid / Asid Lemak Tepu5.0g17.7g
Trans Fatty Acid / Asid Trans Lemak0g0g
Carbohydrate / Karbohidrat17.9g63.9 g
Dietary Fiber / Serat Diet1.0g3.7g
Total Sugars / Jumlah Gula1.3g4.6g
Cholesterol / Kolesterol0 mgOmg
Sodium / Natrium175 mg624 mg
Potassium / Potasium45 mg161 mg


Weight1.4 kg
Dimensions37.1 × 20.7 × 22.3 cm

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