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Mi Sedaap Goreng 5’s 91g (8 Packets Per Carton)

Mi Sedaap

Mi Sedap Goreng Asli is the most popular. It has a springy noodle and five times as crispy fried onions, so every mouthful is a delight. For the first time, the crisp and flavorful fried onions at Mi Sedaap Goreng Asli will make your meal exciting. They have fried onions that make a kriuk-kriuk sound when you bite on them.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 2 Cartons

Delivery Information:
Standard Delivery 5 - 7 working days.
Delivery area is only around Klang Valley.

RM31.00/ carton

: RM34.50
Margin: 10 %

Mi Sedaap Goreng Ingredients:

Noodle: Wheat Flour, Edible Vegetable Oil, Salt, Thickener, Acidity Regulator, Tartrazine CI 19140. Contains Stabilisers and Acidity Regulator as Permitted Food Conditioner. Contains Permitted Colouring, Seasoning: Sugar, Salt, Garlic Flavour Powder, Chicken Flavour Powder, Pepper Powder. Contains Monosodium Glutamate as Permitted Flavour Enhancer, Oil: Vegetable Oil and Onion, Fried Onion (Kriuk-KriukĀ®): Onion and Vegetable Oil, Sweet Soy Sauce and Chili Sauce, Contains Permitted Flavouring and Colouring, All Additives are of Plant or Synthetic Origin

Mi Sedaap Goreng Nutrition Information:

Per 100 gmPer serving 90 gm
Energy460 kcal420 kcal
Protein10 g9 g
Carbohydrate63 g57 g
Fat (from Palm Oil)19 g17 g
Monounsaturated fatty acid8 g7 g
Polyunsaturated fatty acid2 g2 g
Saturated fatty acid9 g8 g
Trans fatty acid0 g0 g
Dietary fiber9 g8 g
Sugar7 g6 g
Cholesterol0 mg0 mg
Sodium1300 mg1170 mg
Niacin5,15 mg4,64 mg
Folic Acid110,95 mcg99,86 mcg
Iron2,4 mg2,2 mg
Per serving (90 g) based on 2000 kcal Energy impasse of 640 kcal

Reference intake of an average adult (8400kJ/2000kcal)

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