Mrs Enak Cashew Nut Biscuit 400g (12 Bottles Per Carton)

Mrs Enak

Mrs Enak Cashew Nut Biscuit is a nut biscuit that nut lovers to have a try. It is delicious with the nut with milky taste. It uses premium healthy ingredients to make it.


: RM288.00
Margin: 8 %

Mrs. Enak Cashew Nut Biscuit is a nut biscuit. It tastes milky, crunchy and nutty. It. A small bite biscuit that likely melts in the mouth.


150g margarine, 80g icing sugar, 50g ghee, 80g wheat flour, 80gm tapioca flour, 80gm Corn starch, 40gm cashew nut, egg, baking soda, ammonium bicarbonate and baking powder.

Weight5.3 kg
Dimensions45 × 34 × 15.5 cm

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