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Twisties Chipster Sour & Cream 60g (30 Packs Per Carton)


Twisties Chipster Sour & Cream is a delicate chipster potato chip with the tangy flavor of sour cream and onion. Chipster Potato Chips are made from 100% Australian Potatoes Thin Slices of Potato chips for a big burst of taste with exciting flavors Crispy. Twisties Chipster Potato Chips by Twisties delivers crispy chips with personalities irresistible and delicious potato chips that nothing else matters.


: RM107.16
Margin: 17 %

Twisties Chipster Original is a chip snack in its original flavor. It uses 100% imported potatoes to make, and it is Halal. It is made in Malaysia.

Twisties Chipster Sour & Cream Ingredients:

Potatoes, Non-Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (Palm), Milk, Solids, Salt, Sugar, Vegetable Powder, Maltodextrin, Dextrose, Acidity, Regulator (Lactic Acid (E270) and Citric Acid (E330)), Yeast Extract, Herbs, Flavor, Anticaking Agent (Silicon Dioxide (E551)) and Flavour Enhancers (Disodium 5′-Ribonucleotides (E635)). ¬†Contains Permitted Food Conditioners, Flavors and Flavor Enhancers. Food Additives are sourced from Plant and Synthetic Origin.

Allergen information: Contain milk. It manufactured on equipment that also processes products containing Wheat, Milk, Shrimp and Soya.

Nutrition Facts:

Per 100gPer Serving
Energy516 kcal103 kcal
Carbohydrate56.5 g11.3 g
Protein7.5 g1.5 g
Fat31.4 g6.3 g
Sodium445 mg89 mg
Weight2.3 kg
Dimensions15 × 6 × 15 cm

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