Yeos Asian Drink Winter Melon Tea can 300ml (24 can per carton)


YEO’S WINTER MELON TEA 300ML CAN is the ideal cooling drink with the calming and refreshing effect to counter heatstroke. The coding effect of this beverage is soothing for the throat and helps reduce body heat, especially in hot and humid climates. A firm favourite, this traditionally brewed tea gives a unique melon taste. A cooling and soothing drink, it is sufficiently mild to go with a variety of local dishes.


: RM36.29
Margin: 17 %

Product Ingredients:

Sugar, Winter Melon Juice, Fructose, Sucralose, Contains Permitted Flavouring and Colouring. All Additives are from plant or Synthetic Origin.

Nutrition Information:

Serving Size: 300ml

Serving Per Can: 1

NutrientsPer 100mlPer Serving
Energy20kcal (84kJ)60kcal (252kJ)
-Total Sugars439g14.7g

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