Yeos Asian Drinks Ice Lemon Tea 250ml (24 units per carton)


Yeo’s Iced Tea Lemon will definitely quench your thirst. This delicious beverage is a blend of Black tea with a twist of zesty lemon to give you that instant refreshing feeling. The fruit tea is best enjoyed ice cold, frozen into a slush, or simply mixed into a cocktail.


: RM24.95
Margin: 17 %

Product Ingredients:

Water, aqueous extract of Black tea, cane sugar, citric acid, artificial flavours and vitamin C.

Nutrition Facts:

Serving Size 1 pack: (250ml)

Amount Per Serving

Calorie: 100

                                                                 %Daily Value*
Total Fat   (0g)0%
Sodium (30mg)        1%
Total Carbohydrate (25g)                   8%
    Sugars (25g) 
Protein  (0g) 

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