Yeos Asian Drinks Soya Bean Milk 250ml (24 units per carton)


YEO’S Soy Milk has been an all-time fan favorite beverage, well enjoyed by many generations. This protein- rich drink has a traditional authentic taste and a smooth creamy texture. It is lightly sweet, fragrant, and highly nutritious. It is the ideal drink to start your day off right. It is also very versatile, as soy milk can be enjoyed on its own or with a creative twist, such as creating desserts!


: RM24.95
Margin: 17 %

Product Ingredients:

Soy milk (water, whole soybeans), cane sugar, and artificial flavour.

Nutrition Facts:

Serving Size 1 pack: (250ml)

Servings Per Container: 1

Amount Per Serving     

Calories: 130                Calories from Fat:25              

%Daily Value*
Total Fat   (2.5g)4%
    Saturated Fat  (0.5g)3%
Sodium    (0mg)0%
Total Carbohydrate  (21g)7%
Dietary Fiber Less than  (1g)2%
    Sugars  (19g)
Protein   (5g)

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